All dates are day/month/year.

  • Traveled Destinations

    1. Belize City, Belize 16/12/2016 - 23/12/2016
    2. Photographed Altun Ha, and several popular destinations in Belize City, Belize.
    3. Belize City, Belize 06/01/2017-13/01/2017

    4. I had to return to Belize. I love this country. This is more of a trip to get information for immigrating here.
    5. Panama to Edinburgh Scotland on 29/01/2017

      The adventure of a lifetime.

    6. Gdansk, Poland on 02/02/2017

      Layover for 20 hours.

    7. Reykjavik, Iceland on 03/02/2017

      The place that started my BURNING need for travel. I have read a lot about this country, the history, and culture. I would love to do a MA here on Norse Studies.

    8. Gdansk, Poland on 06/02/2017

      Stopping for a couple days of exploration in Gdansk. This is a nice hub with a lot of cheap flights leaving there.

    9. Belfast, Northern Ireland on 08/02/2017

      I want to see the city, and explore the place.

    10. London, England on 11/02/2017

      I am going to Stonehenge on the 12th for a day tour. This is a place I have always wanted to visit. Then I will be exploring London.

    11. Copenhagen, Denmark on 14/02/2017.

      I am going to be busy taking photos and exploring the museums.

    12. Amsterdam, Netherlands on 17/02/2017

      I am spending 3 days in this lovely city. What to do in Amsterdam? I am sure I will figure something out.

    13. Edinburgh, Scotland on 20/02/2017

      Back to Scotland and visiting with my friends.

    14. Rome, Italy and Vatican City. on 23/02/2017

      I am spending a week in the eternal city. There should be some GREAT photos from here.

  • Upcoming Destinations

    1. Europe 29/01/2017 to 16/04/2017

      • Athens, Greece on 01/03/2017

        Athens is a place I have longed to visit, the alleged birth place of Western Civilization.

      • Bratislava, Slovakia on 04/03/2017

        I have read that beer is cheaper than water here.. We SHALL see.

      • Berlin, Germany on 06/03/2017

        I want to see the city, and expore the museums.

      • Budapest, Hungary 09/03/2017

        A week in the magical city seperated by the River Danube.

      • Dublin, Ireland on 16/03/2017

        Finally going to get to celebrate St Patrick's day where it all started. Can you say Guinness?!

      • Sofia, Bulgaria on 18/03/2017

        Sofia, captial of Bulgeria. This city is over 2000 years old in a form or another.

      • Rome, Italy on 20/03/2017

        Three more days in Rome, I will probably take a train to Milan or Venice.

      • Ciaro, Egypt on 23/03/2017

        The Great Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, the Nile River. I have always dreamt about going to Egypt.

      • Rome, Italy on 30/03/2017

        The return spot from my Cairo Trip.

      • Lisbon, Portugal on 31/03/2017

        I am debating a trip to see 2 templar castles.

      • Madrid, Spain on 03/04/2017

        The capitol of Spain. I hope to get some good photos of Catholic Churches

      • Oslo, Norway on 05/04/2017

        Going to see the ship Museum.

      • Helsinki, Finland on 07/04/2017

        spending 20 hours in Helsinki.

      • Amsterdam, Netherlands on 08/04/2017

        Just going to hang out for a day.

      • Istanbul, Turkey on 09/04/2017

        Hagia Sophia, I will be staying on the same block as the Church/Masque/Museum.

      • Paris, France on 12/04/2017

        The city of lights I was told no trip to Europe would be complete without seeing the city.

      • Edinburgh, Scotland 14/04/2017

        St Andrews, Scotland Back to my friends for a couple days before heading back to Panama.

      • Panama City, Panama on 16/04/2017

        Returning to Panama then a lot of work on the site.